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FlipKlip Customer A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out. Comments

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."Thanks for such a great product!  Eating and Reading is so easy now! I did a demo for all my "readers" at my office today. Looks like you should be getting some new orders soon!"

Christine M.
Cleveland, OH

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out.Thanks for the fast shipping of my new FlipKlips! Love the fun new colors! This really is the best bookholder I've found anywhere - easy to use and very long-lasting. It works great on its own or in conjunction with other bookstands, it's light and portable, and holds my book shut when I'm not using it. I usually pull out a chapter or so on the right side, which makes it easy to turn the pages. Just a great product. I keep them everywhere I go!

P.S. I had a blue FlipKlip I had been using regularly for a couple of years, and when I ordered the new one I literally couldn't tell them apart. That's how durable they are! :)

Jennifer F.
Biddeford, ME

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."What a great website for the FLIPKLIP!  I appreciate the "how to" demo, which confirms there is a right way and a wrong way to attach it to your book!  I especially love it in the kitchen for my cookbooks, but am here to tell you, it works fantastic at the beach too!  Having my "handsfree"  saves me time and gives me the ability to multitask with ease!"

Shari W., Hayden, ID

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I have ordered two FlipKlip bookholders and told *everyone* about them.

These are the neatest things!!  I exercise most days on a treadmill which has a bookstand....but I had to hold the book open.  Depending on the size of the book, my arms were in a variety of uncomfortable positions....and I have arthritis in my hands, so it was extra-uncomfortable.  I travel quite a bit and one never knows what the book-holding capacity of the hotel treadmills will be.

And, most importantly, I *must* read while I exercise (and while I do most other things).

This has made my life easier.  Thanks!!"

Helen N.
Oakwood, GA

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."Found the Flipklip in a small bookstore several years ago and have loved it ever since.  Am now ordering a large number to give to my envious friends and to real estate clients to help them remember me.  Also, intend to carry an extra to give to people who come and ask me where I got it.  What a great invention."

Karla Oppliger, Realtor
Sacramento, CA

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I'm a bookseller in Australia and we are fast turning the local population on to the benefits of the FlipKlip.  It's wonderful to see older people understanding the benefit to them, particularly if they are avid readers, which most of our customers are.  So thanks to the FlipKlip team for this great product."

Jan B
Foster's Little Bookshop
Foster, Victoria

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I ordered two of these a while back - one for me and one for a present. I've just lost mine and desperately need another one... and I think it makes a great gift for my reader-friends."

Averel W.
San Francisco, CA

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."My sister turned me onto the book clip, and my husband and I just love them!  I have the third one saved for a misc. gift for someone yet to be determined. Thanks for the great gadget!"

Karen D.
Grand Rapids, MI

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."The 'treadmill people' have spoken, at least at my gym -- the FlipKlip is a must-have for the holiday season!! The ooh's and aah's would do you proud.  It works like a charm!!  I now have to order 3 more for some of the aforementioned ooher's and aaher's. Thanks for making the gym rats happy!"

Ellen B.
Torrington, CT

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I got my FlipKlips today. Very fast shipping and boy am I totally satisfied!  I love them. Thanks again.  I'll keep you in my address book when I  need more.   Merry Christmas. "

Jerry S.
Baltimore, MD

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out." I have used your book clip this week.  I love it.  I enjoy reading my book at breakfast in a diner... it works perfectly.  It is really nice to have an object do a perfect job.  Thank you.  I should have ordered a few more and probably will shortly."

Barbara G.
Philadelphia, PA

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I received my FlipKlip yesterday.  What a great little gadget!  I used it while reading a hard back book on my front porch yesterday.  It worked really well.  My hands get sore trying to keep my books open and this is just what I needed!  It kept the pages down so they didn't turn at the slightest little breeze.  I used it while reading the same book in bed last night.  It's great for reading in bed!  I'm really glad I found your site and ordered your FlipKlip.  Thank you so much the quick delivery.


Connie G.
Canton, OH

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I was very pleased with my order. Am ordering more to show my book club and to reserve for presents. Also very pleased with the prompt delivery."

Rita B.
Rochester, NY

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."What a wonderful little gadget!!!  Received it today and have been using it all night.  I recently had shoulder surgery and will be months recuperating, so I have been looking for something just like the FlipKlip.  When I read about it I knew that was exactly what I wanted.

Great shopping experience.  Great product.  I will be e-mailing your site to my sister.  She reads in bed all the time.

Thanks so much."

Sue P.
Larsen, WI

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I purchased a FlipKlip a couple of years ago, and have been using it regularly since then; it's a really good product.  It's better than any other product I've tried for holding open thick books.   It doesn't scratch the book or the pages like some products, and it doesn't slide off a book held at an angle like bookweights tend to."

Andye S.
Washington, DC

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I love my FlipKLip and I am buying more to give as gifts to my family and friends. I'm showing this must-have to all the readers I know."

Rachel C.
Sabattus, ME

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I just wanted to let you know that I received the FlipKlip and I love it!  My  fiancé liked it so much that he is taking it to his work to show his bosses."

Amber W.
Woodstock, GA

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I've been using your product on exercise equipment in my health club -- I got one last fall -- and many people have inquired about it already.  This one is for use at home, with books too wide to be held open by the rubber band on my reading stand."

Patricia G.
Washington DC.

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."Very satisfied. This is my second purchase of 3.  Looks to be a great gift item."

Phyllis L.
Portage, WI

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."I purchased my first FlipKlip ... this past summer.  I use a treadmill at the gym and this is of great assistance in keeping my reading material appropriately open while on the treadmill and exercise bike.  Unfortunately I move it from my car to my gym bag to my suitcases frequently and the original item was lost a few months ago.  Fortunately I still had the original card the clip was sold on, so I was able to locate your website for a reorder.  I decided since I may lose another clip, I should purchase some back ups!"

Charlotte D.
Harlingen, TX

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."A friend received a FlipKlip for Christmas last year, and showed it off to me. I was most interested, for myself, and for gifts. . . .

You can count on my showing off my FlipKlip to all friends, relatives and associates. You have a good product, at a good price, and I hope it goes far! I'll do my part --"

Shirley K,
Billings, MT

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."Fellow booksellers: The bookholders that Bob Begin has invented and which he calls the FlipKlip are terrific. I use mine on the jogger in the gym and found it to be the perfect utensil for holding open my current book which I read to keep me from thinking about sweating and exercising. It also works for cookbooks on your kitchen counter. The packaging is simple, the box an easy addition to your counter near the cash register. Slam dunk sales."

Gayle Shanks
Changing Hands Bookstore
Tempe, AZ

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."These FlipKlips are FANTASTIC! Just what we needed! We are so enamored with the FlipKlips we really don't need to fight over it ... (our previous one) anymore. Both of us would just as soon use a FlipKlip! I sincerely hope that you continue to have them in stock and I will do my part to promote them to anyone who will listen! Thanks!"

Sharon C.
Mesa, AZ

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."E-mail from a real people, prompt too, and excellent delivery service on top of it; got it today already. Wish you'd show other e-tailers how it's done."

Dick S.
Fort Morgan, CO

A happy FlipKlip customer speaks out."Order just arrived today's mail. Excellent product! Thanks!"

Nick K.
Fort Worth, TX

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